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Quick Poll # 2 | Results Summary

Big thanks to the hundreds of individuals who took the time to share their thoughts and ideas on the future of Cape Girardeau via Quick Poll #2!

Key themes that emerged from the poll (in no particular order) include:

  • More event spaces, festivals, concerts and restaurants along the Riverfront
  • Focus on attracting businesses and high-paying jobs
  • Revitalization of older neighborhoods such as South Cape and Red Star
  • Bicycle and pedestrian improvements
  • Redevelopment and beautification of Midtown and key community gateways
  • More family-oriented activities, both indoor and outdoor, with a greater focus on outdoor

Folks from a wide variety of ages participated in this poll, similar to the diverse group who attended the recent ‘Cape to the Future’ workshop:

  • 21% of respondents were ages 25-34, 20% were ages 35-44, 21% were ages 55-64, and 20% were ages 65-74
  • Nearly 90% of respondents live in Cape, and about 60% shop, play, and/or work in Cape

Cape Quick Poll #2 Results: Click here to view a detailed report of insights shared!

Thank you again to everyone who has participated in the Quick Polls! Your insights and priorities are invaluable, and will serve as the baseline and guiding force of the Comprehensive Plan. Stay tuned: Open House to review the Draft Comprehensive Plan is coming soon… Date to be announced shortly.

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