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More Big Ideas for Cape’s Future from All Ages!

We hope everyone’s 2018 is off to a great start! The Cape Vision 2040 planning process continues to gain momentum and remains on schedule. You all have shared over 1,300 ideas so far (Thank You!), and we are now working on drafting a new Comprehensive Plan for Cape Girardeau. A BIG thanks to everyone who came out to share ideas and participate in a community dialogue at the Cape to the Future Workshop! This was our third community outreach event, and it was a fun, productive, and interactive time for all ages. Click here to view a local news report on the workshop, and continue reading below for an overview of the event with photo and video highlights.

Cape to the Future Workshop Highlights

On Thursday evening, January 25, 2018 a diverse group of approximately 40 residents participated in the ‘Cape to the Future’ Workshop at the Osage Centre. Folks in attendance from across Cape included business owners, lifelong residents, young adults, parents, and even a local Cub Scout troop!

The workshop began with participants voting for their favorite ideas via a ‘Build Your Own Cape’ poster activity. The poster displayed the top 25 emerging topics from the 1,300 ideas shared to date. Next, Mike Hoffman, (Teska Associates) led a short presentation on the purpose of a comprehensive plan, where we are at in the planning process, outreach efforts to date, key themes, and next steps (click here to see the presentation).


Bob Barber (Orion Planning + Design) led a discussion on three future land use approaches for Cape Girardeau: (1) Conventional, (2) Retrofit and Redevelopment, and (3) Strategic Connections. Those in attendance generally preferred the Retrofit and Redevelopment approach.  While discussion on this topic was taking place, Erin Cigliano (Teska Associates) created a mind map that relayed and connected ideas and points raised by participants (click here to see a video of the mind map). Other activities included the ‘Cape Big Ideas Map’, where folks added place-based ideas; the ‘Cape Youth Station’, where the Cub Scouts drew their favorite places and activities; and the ‘Mailbox to the Future’, where participants shared their favorite ideas (over 50 total), with two winning a prize at the end of the evening.


Overview of Ideas Shared

The ‘Build Your Own Cape’ elements that received the most votes, out of 200 total, were:

  • Housing Diversity: Increase Type/Affordability
  • Neighborhood Revitalization
  • Concerts + Festivals: Annual Indoor + Outdoor
  • Bicycles + Sidewalks: Repair/Connectivity/Amenities
  • Public Safety: Improve and Enhance
  • Riverfront Focus: Indoor + Outdoor Spaces

Key ideas from the ‘Cape Big Ideas Map’:

  • Install welcome signs and landscaping at community gateways
  • Improve the Haarig Commercial Historic District
  • Install more sidewalks and extend the Cape La Croix Trail
  • Build multi-story condos near the Mississippi River on N. Main St.
  • Add roundabouts at congested intersections

Cape to the Future Workshop: Click here to read the full summary and see all the ideas!


Stay Tuned

Thanks to the hundreds of folks who shared input via the website, events, workshops, and quick polls! Results of Quick Poll #2 will be posted to the project website soon.

Be sure to continue to follow along as the Comprehensive Plan starts to take shape! Please enter your email via the website’s footer to receive notifications and project updates right to your inbox (note: you will need to confirm your subscription via email). Click here to view ideas and share your own today!