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Get ready! ‘Cape to the Future’ Workshop this Thursday at the Osage Centre

Hundreds of ideas have been shared to date on where to focus future efforts and priorities as part of Cape Vision 2040: Cape Girardeau’s Comprehensive Plan.  All ideas and insights are being carefully reviewed and sorted by topic to understand what the community feels most strongly about and what action items should take precedent. Click here to view some of the public ideas shared to date.

From infrastructure improvements to community gateways, the riverfront, neighborhood revitalization, safety, and housing… ideas are streaming in and being reiterated, many times over. Join us this Thursday as we present findings and themes and together, continue to refine Cape Vision 2040!

Refreshments will be provided, two workshop goers will leave **winners** (hint: prize drawing), this event is kid-friendly. Details below:

Cape to the Future Workshop | Thursday 01/25 | 6:30pm @ Osage Centre

Mark your calendar and come on down to the third public outreach event as part of Cape’s comprehensive planning process.  Join us as we present emerging themes and build upon ideas shared at the initial workshop, Spaghetti Day idea booth, and project website. Enjoy complimentary refreshments, fresh ideas, and take part in a prize drawing — winners to be announced at the end of the workshop! Bring the kids; we hope to see you there.

Workshop Details:

Thursday, January 25th @ 6:30pm
Osage Centre | 1625 N Kingshighway, Cape Girardeau

In the News:

As Mark Bliss recently reported, many ideas have been shared and submitted already, “People have suggested things such as tiny rent-to-own houses to boardwalks to roundabouts and better street lighting. This will be the last public session to attend; consider going out, even if you don’t have an idea to share. The city is making some of its planners and officials accessible to the public. It’s a good opportunity to say hello, and shake hands with some of the people who work behind the scenes in city government.”

Cape Vision 2040 workshop is example of accessible government
Southeastern Missourian | Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Tiny homes to boardwalks: Cape city planning process draws many suggestions
Southeastern Missourian | Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Unable to make it? Want to start sharing right NOW?! Click the links below:

Share Ideas
Take Cape Quick Poll #2
View Ideas

BIG THANKS for the plentiful ideas shared to date… click here to send us yours!

“As an early retiree, it would be WONDERFUL to have other senior living areas… They are great assets to the community, but there is a need for smaller self-owned single level houses in senior neighborhoods.”

“Engage service groups and neighborhood committees along with grants for implementation. Infrastructure repairs and expansion must continue for growth.”

“I’d like more/better bike paths. The trail is amazing, I’d love to see long term plans for expansion. Multi-use plan for upgrading the riverfront would be great. I love the idea of mini parks as well.”

Access to affordable, quality housing for all. Expanded community resources, programs, support services.”

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